Hello, my name is Andy.  I wish to give you greetings and to thank you for being able to be in the children's home.  Thank you for the uniform, for the food, for a place to sleep and for the school.  Also thank you for opening the doors to this place and for the dance classes, for being here with my companions, friends and teachers.  For helping me with toiletries and teaching me the good things of Jesus Christ.

The workshops I enjoy the most are Dance Class because when I dance to the music it tires me out.  Also the Christian Values class because of the good songs.

What I like about being here at the shelter is being with my friends names Derek, Andres, Jesus junior and Christopher, playing soccer.

Every weekend we are at our homes, but mine is a ranch near here.  It is two blocks away from Resplandor De Vida.  Thanks for everything.  I hope to meet you one day.

Until then,

Written by Andy 

Dear Sponsor

God Bless You

Thank you very much for all you send me. I like it a lot and it makes me happy to be here. I have passed into 3rd grade and I’m very excited for this. Every day I am getting bigger and smarter.

Thank you for taking care of my needs.

Attentively, Nicole 

I love you a lot

Hello, I hope you are found well and remember me. I am Miranda. Thanks to you I learned to read and write. Even though it was difficult, I am able.

I thank you for my school supplies, my uniform, my shoes, for the children’s home and the delicious food.

May God watch over you with love.

Miranda loves you.