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When a child arrives at Resplandor De Vida, it may be the first time he or she has their very own bed to sleep in or actually eats three regular meals per day. This becomes "home" to them and it is a place of safety and joy for them.

You can help us to properly care for these children by choosing to sponsor one or more of them by sending $35/month or $420/year. Your help, along with others' will help us to meet their daily needs and ensure our ability to properly run the children's home. If you would like to sponsor a child, please follow the directions below. 

RDV Group Nov 2023.jpg

The Children at Resplandor De Vida


Mail to:

Harvest Hands Ministries

6636 S Portage Rd

Westfield, NY 14787

You will receive a photo and a letter from your child when you begin sponsorship.

​Please note that your child may have more than one sponsor. This is necessary to provide sufficient operating resources to the children's home.

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